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Spectacles are a fashion accessory that underscores the wearer's personal style. Enjoying optimum vision while looking good are what every wearer ultimately wants.

80% of consumers wear sunglasses at casual events, formal occasions and to look fashionable1. Thus looks and individual style are the key attributes of the welkins optic Urban segment, dedicated to all those cosmopolitan sunglasses wearers no matter the season or light intensity level. The welkins optic tinted Rx lens collection is so comprehensive that it always offers the right high-quality solution and feels tailor-made. Each segment contains a predefined selection of tinted lenses which caters to the light intensity and needs of that particular situation.

The welkins optic Lens tint portfolio

  • Large variety of tints - with 34 solid, 14 gradients, 4 double gradients and three Skylet colours.
  • Filter categories 0-4 covering all filter categories: range from 0- 97% Light absorption
  • Tint range available for many lens materials (indices: 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67).
  • Always 100% UV protection

Range of tints

In the filter category 0: 0 - 20% light absorption, welkins optic offers light tints, gradient and double gradient tints specifically intended for low light intensity but always with 100% UV protection with up to 20 variations to choose from.

Classical sun protection tints for medium to bright light conditions

In the filter categories 2 and 3: 57 - 82% & 82 - 92% light absorption, welkins optic offers around 20 full and gradient tints specifically designed for medium and bright light intensity, always with 100% UV protection. For a particularly fashionable look, category 2 and 3 lenses can be combined with DuraVision Mirror.

Why Use Color Tints

Different lens tint colors provide an array of different looks and cause your eyes to react differently to varying light making certain colors more suitable for certain activities and conditions.

Color tints can be for aesthetic reasons, but certain color tints can be applied to sunglasses (as well as regular eyeglasses) for aid in things such as night driving, dyslexia and even color blindness. For example, yellow or orange color tints filter blue light and are used in sports eyewear for cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, indoor basketball, handball, racquetball, tennis.

Gradient Tints Gradient tints are tints that are darker on the top half of the lens and then lighter on the bottom half. When looking through the top half, it's tinted just like regular sunglasses. However, when looking through the bottom half, the glasses are crystal clear like regular glasses. This tint is a great lens coating option if you spend a lot of time reading, writing and doing close-up activities outdoors.

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