primary eye examination

At Welkins Optic we offer every patient personalized digital eye exam and make sure our eye examinations are accurate and thorough. You can be assured of having the right prescription and sound advice from our qualified team of Optometrists.

The Precision Of Vision

The Welkins Optic digital eye exam is so precise; it maps the curvature of your cornea to give your optometrist a digital fingerprint of your eye. It pinpoints the small changes that can occur in your eyes over time, and even reveals differences you have between your day and night vision needs.

Kid Friendly Eye Exam

A kid-friendly eye exam that's quick for your child, enlightening for you. Our eye exam lets your optometrist show you a side-by-side simulation of how your child is seeing now, and how their vision will look once corrected, all on an iPad. How cool is that?

Digital Measurement

Provides details that is like a fingerprint of your eye. It can measure your eye code data, frame data and visual behavior. Our system also helps in recording and measuring the 4D measurements of your head and eye to create the perfect high definition, super digital progressive lens for your new eyeglass frames.

Lens Profiler

At Welkins Optic your vision is corrected using the latest designs of lenses. This digital lens meter measures your current prescription more quickly and precisely. Then it calculates a prescription starting point so there is less guesswork. It gives your eye optometrist a quick baseline before starting your exam.

Right Frame For Every Face

Our styling experts will help you choose your frames taking into account your face shape, fitting and matching colors to your style with tailor made lens which gives you sharpest, clearest and finest vision possible. We can offer a very unique and exciting experience and have a vision to provide the best customer service.

Personalized Service

Each customer receives a highly personalized service from our team of experts. Welkins Optic has unlimited choice of eyewear, highly qualified optometrist & latest eye testing technology.

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