ptosis crutch glass

Ptosis crutches are a bar that is installed on a frame in order to help the lid remain open. This bar is coated with either tube shrink or a skin safe material to prevent allergy to the material.

Ptosis crutches are essentially soldered or welded on. They come in two varieties; one or two point solder joint. A two-point solder joint solders both ends to the frame and is the stiffest. The one above is a single-joint solder. Please note that frames have to be high quality frames with high content of copper or noble metals, like silver or gold, which work best and will have the paint scorched. I also recommend a frame strap with rubber tips. The frame exerts a forward pressure and the strap counter-acts the frame slipping forward leading to a more predictable and comfortable pressure.

So how does the ptosis crutch work?

The bar acts as a wedge between the loose skin and the frame. Depending on how much loose skin, the excess lid drapes over the bar. The ptosis crutch is usually a last resort due to the surgical options available to patients, but we have seen patients who for other medical reasons refuse or run out of surgical interventions due to lack of lid and/or levator muscle are excellent candidates for ptosis crutches.

There are other frame modifications available such as installing nosepads on plastic frames and moisture chambers for dry eye.

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