spectacle adjustments and repairs

For maintaining the comfort and proper fitting of your eyeglasses, we provide adjustments. A proper fitting of your eyeglasses is necessary for a good vision. Our skilled opticians adjust the bridge, nose pads, and temples to customize the eyewear to fit your unique face. An optician aligns eyeglass frames so that they are even from every angle. Opticians bend frames into proper alignment using a combination of hands, pliers, and heating equipment. Eyeglasses are supposed to fit properly when you feel comfortable and the lenses are at equal distance from the face. Once this is achieved, our opticians will make sure that the lenses are positioned in the correct place in front of your pupils.

Multifocal lenses (progressive, bifocal, or trifocal) have a line that divides the distance vision lens from the near vision lens. The line is visible in the case of a bifocal trifocal, or invisible in the case of a progressive lens. An optician must fit and adjust the eyeglass frames on the wear face so that the dividing line is in its correct position.

Can your own frame be fitted?

You might have bought spectacles or sunglasses because you liked them, and then realized that they just don't fit properly.

We can service your own spectacles, adjust or alter them to make them fit comfortably. Please bring your spectacles and our staff will give you a free assessment on the possible adjustments.

Why you need proper fitting?

With proper fitting

Having a proper fitting is not just about aesthetics, it's also about eye health:

  • The eyes can see through the centre of lenses
  • The image is clear
  • There is no distortion
  • The glasses are comfortable

Without proper fitting

When the frame is not fitting properly:

  • The glasses slide down the nose
  • They sit on the cheeks
  • The lenses cloud-up and gets dirty easily
  • The eyes see only through the top half of the lenses
  • The image is less clear
  • There is distortion of the image (radial distortion, chromatic aberration, etc.)

Key benefits of our fitting service

  • Adjustments are done in-shop by our expert technicians
  • We are professionally trained staff
  • We have 34+ Years experience in spectacles fitting adjustments

Additional frame repair services

  • Replacement of lost screws
  • Adjustments on bent frames, out of alignment glasses
  • Nose pad replacement
  • Ordering of replacement parts when possible (temples, frame fronts, lenses, tips).

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