vision rehabilitation

The loss of vision has multidimensional implications on a person's quality of life and can have immediate and long-term consequences in children and adults. it can hamper their physical, psychological, educational and economic growth. People with visual impairment often remain socially isolated and confined to the four walls of their home. Several factors are responsible for this, some of which include:

  • Many including medical professionals have preconceived notion and myths about low vision and blindness, and are unaware that people with visual impairment can be successfully rehabilitated
  • Non-availability of / or access to low vision rehabilitation services
  • Insufficient provision of affordable low vision devices
  • Cultural beliefs/myths regarding use of low vision devices

When conventional treatments medical or surgical fail to prevent or restore vision loss, vision rehabilitation and sight enhancement services work at empowering people with low vision and blindness - to become important contributing members of the society. These services are a combination of learning daily living and work related skills, and the use of suitable low vision devices, along with customized counseling.

Vision Rehabilitation is an integral part of the Welkins Optic Eye Care Services; The comprehensive services range from assessment and prescription of low vision devices (such as magnifiers to help patients with low vision read again) to social, educational, and vocational rehabilitation through training or re-training patients with low vision and blindness to the highest possible level of their functional ability. These activities are not only limited to our centre, those in the community who cannot access these services are rehabilitated through community-based rehabilitation services.

In the last 34 years, we have successfully rehabilitated more than 128,360 people with low vision and blindness across all age groups and strata of the society.

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